Opna Visuals

Where media meets marketing.

Let me put it simply: Opna Visuals is here to knock your socks off with engaging photography, dazzling marketing videos, high-flying drone media and an engaging website that captures your audience. One stone, four birds. It’s really that easy.

Your requirements, your targets, your goals – my know-how, my experience and my equipment. With fresh assets, your business will stand out like never before and make your new clients do a little happy-dance when they find you!

What does Opna Visuals offer?


Photography sits firmly at the core of my business. I prefer to shoot people, product and brand photography, to help further your brand online.

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Video consumption and uses in advertising and web is only going up! I offer a range of end-to-end marketing and product video services.

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Drone Media

Sometimes you require a new perspective on your business – whether for your own reference or for marketing. My drone services may be what you need.

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Drone Roof Inspection

Are you worried about your roof and gutters after a stormy day? Help yourself to a drone roof inspection from Opna Aerial. Quick, cheap and easy.


Drone Mapping

Orthomosaic maps using photogrammety gives highly detailed maps. Useful for real estate, construction, agriculture, maintenance and more!


Drone Surveying

Thermal, Multispectral, 3D and LiDAR surveys using top-of-the-range enterprise drone technology from leading brands. Subject to rental fees.


Visual Drone Inspection

Visual inspections of anything. I am able to get the drone into previously hard-to-reach places.

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Drone 3D Modelling

Turn buildings into 3D models for later inspection or design purposes – or to 3D print!

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Missing Pet Search

No one wants to lose their pets, but it happens. If your pet is lost in a hard-to-search area, a drone can help.

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